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  • Glass
    • Glass Preforms & Components

      Glass preforms & components are used in glass-to-metal sealing applications. Glass preforms are produced from our proprietary electronic glass formulations.

    • Glass-to-Metal Hermetic Seal

      The Elan 46 ceramic glass composite has unique properties that allow for the ability to vary the coefficient of thermal expansion and can therefore form hermetic seals with a variety of metals.

    • Glass Materials

      Each of our glass materials has been developed with properties for specific applications. We offer a wide range of working temperatures, densities and expansions.

    • Glass Ceramic Composite Components

      Our Elan 46 glass ceramic composite is an innovative material designed to be used in sealing applications as a replacement for alumina to produce glass-to-metal hermetic seals.

    • Glass Industries

      Elan Technology glass materials are used in a wide variety of applications:

      • Automotive
      • Aviation
      • Maritime
      • Medical
      • Communications
  • Spray Drying
    • Elan Technology Spray Dryer Process

      Spray drying technology allows various materials to be combined and then processed into a homogeneous, free-flowing powder. Learn more about the spray dryer technology used at Elan Technology.

    • Contract Toll Spray Drying

      Elan Technology has over 30 years of experience in spray drying glasses, ceramics, catalysts, dyes, mold powders, detergents, metallic powders, and many more industrial materials.

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