Industrial Applications

Industrial Glass Applications for Machinery

Industrial glass materials and components are used in a number of applications for machinery and other equipment. Elan Technology’s glass ceramic technology and proprietary glass materials are utilized in pressure sensors, high vacuum gauge sensors, radiation detectors, and commercial power generators.

Pressure sensors incorporate industrial glass materials by sealing the components with glass-to-metal seals, and by measuring the displacement of diaphragms by electric charges in certain sensor components. Bonding glass to another component is a major component of all sensor equipment, which is often handled with a glass-to-metal seal. These bonded materials must be resistant to wear and tear, and must also be able to withstand increased pressure. Elan Technology has over 70 years of experience, with an outstanding reputation as an industry leader, in the glass and ceramics industry. We have played an integral role in advancing glass-to-metal seals, and hybrid ceramic glass components that aide sensor technology.

Glass materials also play a major role in radiation detectors, since the amorphous nature of glass materials makes it a natural component in all radiation detectors. Elan’s glass materials and glass coating technology have been developed over the years to be suitable for a variety of applications. Our glass materials are durable, lightweight, and precision engineered to deliver high quality, reliable results.

Industrial Glass Applications for Machinery & Equipment

Elan Technology consistently delivers superior glass materials and glass components for all industrial applications. Contact us today to speak with an engineer about your specific requirements. We can help with material selection, component design, and more to ensure high quality final results.

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