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Glass Ceramics Applications for the Aviation Industry

Elan Technology’s advanced glass materials and glass coating technology are featured throughout the aviation industry. Our advanced glass materials have been used in a variety of commercial and military aircraft glass ceramics applications. These materials ensure strong, fully functional canopies, windows, lenses, and panels. Advanced sensors and instrumentation rely on the kind of glass materials and glass ceramic composite materials that glass manufacturers like us are known for. These specific types of glass materials are resistant to wear, lightweight, and heat resistant so they can be incorporated in a number of uses at high altitude. Ceramic glass components allow visibility and wear resistance to glass canopies in commercial aircrafts, such as the Boeing 777, and military aircrafts alike.

Our advanced glass materials play an integral role in various aviation and avionics sensors throughout the industry. We develop advanced glass materials and refractory materials that can withstand harsh conditions while maintaining reliability and accuracy. Major aircraft components like brakes, flaps, fuel components, and hydraulic sensors all incorporate our glass materials. That is why Elan Technology is regarded as a leader in the glass ceramics application industry.

Glass Ceramics Applications in the Aviation Industry

Advanced aircraft instrumentation requires advanced glass materials that offer reliability, accuracy, and precision. These glass materials and glass coatings are integral to many cockpit panel components, including speedometers, thermometers, and altimeters. Additionally, glass components must pass high standards of quality control to ensure they are sealed against water, humidity, and gas, utilizing glass frit sealing, from spray dried powders. Elan Technology’s many years of experience in the industry ensure that our aviation components are safe, reliable, and precise.

Elan Technology has been in the business of glass manufacturing for over 70 years. Our glass coatings, glass materials, and refractory materials are precision engineered for superior performance and reliability. Our proprietary advanced materials and manufacturing facilities make us one of the top worldwide glass suppliers. You can find Elan Technology glass materials and technology in the F-18, the F-22, the C-17, and the Joint Strike Fighter. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise can be incorporated into your next aviation project.

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