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Elan Technology glass materials are used in a wide variety of applications spanning the automotive, aviation, maritime, medical, and communications industries and beyond. From fluorescent light bulbs to advanced military aircraft, our glass powders and preforms can be found across the globe, often in glass-to-metal hermetic seals.


Elan Technology’s glass components are used in aircraft ranging from fighter jets to jumbo jets.

Airplane components that use Elan materials include: sensors for brakes, flaps, rudders, torque, oil, fuel, and hydraulics; speedometers; thermometers; altimeters; turbine and piston ignition; flight data recorders; pressure switches; and transducers.

Elan has been a glass manufacturer for military aircraft such as the F-18, the F-22, the C-17, and the Joint Strike Fighter.

Elan Technology - Glass Suppliers - Aviation Industry

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As the world of telecommunication continually changes, Elan Technology is proud to supply glass materials for optical networking, satellites, and RF frequency monitoring.

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Elan Technology - Glass Suppliers - Communications Industry


Automobile manufacturers know Elan Technology to be one of the most trusted glass suppliers in the U.S. Glass powders and preforms from Elan Technology play a part in automobile safety components: crash sensors, airbag initiators, rollover sensors, steering controls, and seatbelt pre-tensioners.

Our products are also used in automobile engines: anti-lock brake systems, exhaust gas measurement, fuel injection pressure measurement, in-cylinder pressure measurement, catalytic converters, tire inflation monitoring, and steering controls.

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Elan Technology - Glass Suppliers - Automotive Industry

Industrial Applications

Elan’s glass components can be found in a wide range of industrial machinery such as pressure sensors, high vacuum gauge sensors, radiation detectors, and commercial power generation.

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Elan Technology - Glass Suppliers - Industrial Applications


Many lighting components utilize advanced glass materials, such as borosilicate glass. Glass-to-metal seals are also vitally important to the lighting industry. Elan Technology specializes in all of these applications, and more for the lighting manufacturing industry.

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Elan Technology - Glass Suppliers - Lighting

Resource Exploration

Elan Technology’s glass materials help engineers discover new sources of energy through components in drill guidance systems, wire line tools, drilling tools, geophones, hydrophones, and downhole pressure monitors.

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Elan Technology - Glass Suppliers - Resource Exploration


Elan Technology is proud to help the medical community develop new life-saving medical technology.

Glass components from Elan Technology make possible such medical advances as cochlear implants, implantable heart pumps, cardiac pacemakers, and surgical lasers.

Our glass materials can also be found in defibrillators and diagnostic imaging systems.

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Elan Technology - Glass Suppliers - Medical


Elan Techology’s glass materials and glass preforms can be found in military equipment among all branches of service. Technical glass materials and components can be found in military vehicles, rotorcrafts, aircrafts, missiles, night vision optics, and guidance systems.

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Elan Technology - Glass Suppliers - Military

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