Glass Recommendations for Tungsten

Hermetic Seal Glass Recommendation for Tungsten

Composition: Tungsten
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 46 x 10-7 / °C
Seal Type Recommended Elan Glass Equivalent Glasses
  Corning GE Kimble
Matched 14 or 21

(Elan #14 + 5 to 25% A14)

7052 706 EN-1
Compression 28 7070   KG-33
Material Summary:
Tungsten’s ability to hold its hardness at high temperature, along with its high melting point, and high conductivity makes it a great selection for a variety of applications including light bulb filaments and interconnects in integrated circuits. Its low expansion matches very well with Elan 14 glass.

Additional Resources:

Wikipedia: Properties of Tungsten

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