Automotive Industry Ceramic Components

Reliable Performance for the Automotive Industry

Advanced ceramics materials are incorporated into automotive designs when demanding conditions require a material that is robust and reliable. The thermal and electrical properties of ceramic materials allow them to be used in a variety of sensors, mechanical seals, ceramic bearings, and valves. Ceramics are more cost-efficient than metal and more durable than plastic, and can be found throughout the automotive industry, as advances in car manufacturing require higher complexity in automotive components. Elan Technology’s proprietary ceramic materials like the 96% Alumina ceramic and Yttria (3%) Stabilized Zirconia retain their form in mechanical applications while maintaining heat and chemical resistance. Yttria Stabilized Zirconia, for instance, is a high strength ceramic ideal for pump components like fuel injectors and high durability mechanical seals in engines. When high temperature environments call for high durability materials, advanced ceramic engineering technology provides all the necessary components for peak engine performance and extended component lifespans.

Ceramic sensors are also used in the development of advanced monitoring systems. For example, ceramic tire pressure monitoring systems warn occupants if there is any sudden loss of tire pressure or if one of the tires is improperly pressurized. Ceramic coated zirconia oxygen sensors monitor combustion efficiency, allowing the driver to maintain peak engine performance.

Ceramic Materials in the Automotive Industry

Elan Technology has produced advanced ceramic technology and glass materials for over 70 years. Our advanced ceramic materials serve a number of industries, including the automotive industry. Elan ceramic and glass materials are precision engineered for high performance within a number of industries including the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and medical industries. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs with one of our engineers, so that we can develop a custom ceramic material to accomplish your company’s goals.

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