Yttria (3%) Partially Stabilized Zirconia Ceramics

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Density (g/cc): 6.02 RT 900°C 10-6/°C: 11.2
Color: Ivory Dielectric Constant 25°C / 1 kHz:
Flexural Strength MPa (psi × 103): 976 (142) Dissipation Factor 25°C/ 1 kHz:
Young’s Modulus GPa: 220 Volume Resistivity 25°C ohms-cm:
RT 300° C 10-6/°C: 10.7 Volume Resistivity 300 °C ohms-cm:
RT 700°C 10-6/°C: 11.1 Volume Resistivity 500 °C ohms-cm:


Zirconia (Zirconium Oxide or ZrO2) has a monoclinic crystal structure at room temperatures, but transforms to cubic and tetragonal structures at elevated temperatures. This transition can result in the development of stresses during cooling which negatively impact the strength of the material. However, many different materials, in particular oxides, can be incorporated into the formulation in order to stabilize the pure Zirconia ceramic. Yttrium oxide (Y2O3 or yttria) is one of the most commonly used stabilizers for zirconia compositions, but magnesium oxide (MgO) and calcium oxide (CaO) have also been used.

The stabilization of zirconia with yttrium oxide, commonly referred to as yttria stabilized zirconia or YSZ, results in a high strength ceramic material which has been used in a wide variety of applications. Although other formulations are available, such as 8YSZ, which is an 8% yttria stabilized zirconia, the 3YSZ or 3% yttria partially stabilized zirconia offered by Elan Technology is one of the most common zirconia ceramics.

Yttria stabilized zirconia is an excellent high temperature material for applications requiring good fracture toughness. In addition, the yttria stabilized zirconia is chemically inert. Applications range from dental implants to thermal barriers in turbines and jet engines.

Yttria stabilized zirconia is a very versatile material. Elan Technology is one of the leading zirconia ceramic manufacturers in the industry, and as such we can customize our materials to fit your exact specifications. If you are not sure if YSZ is the material you require, please contact one of our engineers for more assistance with choosing the right material for your application.

Overview of Physical Properties

  • Excellent strength
  • Very high fracture toughness
  • Excellent resistance to wear and abrasion
  • Excellent corrosion resistance

Overview of Applications

  • Pump components
  • Cutting instruments and tools
  • Valves
  • Bearings
  • Filters

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