Elan 46 Glass/Ceramic Material

Benefits of a Ceramic Glass Material

The items below provide information and details for Elan 46. For further information, please visit our Elan 46 LAS Glass-Ceramic Technology for Modern Sealing article or view the Elan 46 ceramic composite full details.

Elan 46 Properties  
Coefficient of Expansion 0°-300°
(× 10-7 cm/cm/°C)
Strain Point (°C) 560
Anealing Point (°C) 580
Softening Point (°C) 940
Working Point (°C) 1000
Density (g/cc) 2.27
Dielectric Constant
(23°C/1 kHz)
Comments Sealable Ceramic Glass Material
Commonly used for compression (reinforced) seals
  • The 46 glass ceramic is a structurally homogeneous material which combines the wettability of electronic glasses with the strength of ceramics.
  • The 46 replaces alumina and other glass/ceramics requiring batch furnace processing and reduces furnace time by 80%.
  • With 46, metallizing and brazing steps are eliminated.
  • The 46 produces high strength seals that can withstand temperatures up to 700°C.
  • Sealed glass-ceramic headers can be post brazed up to temperatures of 1400°F without affecting hermeticity.
  • The 46 has variable coefficient of thermal expansion from 110 to 220 (x 10-7 in/in/°C).

The 46 Ceramic Glass Composite:

  • Eliminates manufacturing steps
  • Reduces sealing time
  • Can match a wide range of metals
  • Can be easily machined
  • Has improved high temperature electrical properties
  • Has improved chemical durability

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