Cordierite Ceramic Properties

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Density (g/cc): 2.26-2.30 RT 900°C 10-6/°C: 3.7
Color: Tan Dielectric Constant 25°C / 1 kHz: 5.3
Flexural Strength MPa (psi × 103): 92 (13) Dissipation Factor 25°C/ 1 kHz: .018
Young’s Modulus GPa: 220 Volume Resistivity 25°C ohms-cm: >1014
RT 300° C 10-6/°C: 4 Volume Resistivity 300 °C ohms-cm: 2.1 x 109
RT 700°C 10-6/°C: 3.6 Volume Resistivity 500 °C ohms-cm: 2.9 x 107

Material Details

Cordierite ceramic is a magnesium aluminum silicate material that has been widely used in applications where thermal shock resistance is important. Cordierite ceramic is also useful because it has a low thermal expansion and good electrical insulation compared to other ceramic materials. It can be formed into a variety of complex geometries by employing several types of manufacturing process such as axial pressing, isotactic pressing, injection molding and extrusion.

Overview of Physical Properties

  • Good thermal shock resistance
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • High dielectric strength

Overview of Applications

  • Household Appliances (Insulators)
  • Heating element supports
  • Refractory supports in ovens or kilns
  • Thermocouples
  • Electrical Insulators

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