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Toll Spray Drying Services at Elan Technology

For more than 35 years, Elan Technology, the largest independent toll spray drying company in the US, has served the contract spray drying needs of major chemical companies in the US and abroad.

The need for toll spray drying arises when a chemical or inorganic materials company requires product in free flowing powder form and does not have its own spray drying facility, when its facility is operating at full capacity and interrupting that operation for trials of new products is uneconomical, or when the company needs additional capacity. In order to meet this need, Elan installed its first spray dryer in 1980, and doubled that capacity at its 22-acre facility in Georgia in 1996.

Elan provides turnkey contract spray drying services from receipt of customer raw materials to blending, drying, particle separation or re-blending, packaging and shipping.

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To date, Elan Technology has provided toll spray drying services to multiple US and multinational corporations and has produced in excess of 300,000,000 lbs. of a large variety of products for its customers.

Equipment and Capacity:

  • Two 22 ft. diameter APV Anhydro spray dryer units
  • Water evaporation rate of 1240 lbs. per hour at an inlet temperature of 565°F and an outlet temperature of 285°F
  • Maximum water evaporation rate of 2640 lbs. per hour
  • Maximum inlet temperature of 800°F
  • 4,000 lbs. per hour maximum achievable throughput
  • Cyclone and baghouse fine particle separation technology
  • Co-current and mixed flow drying capability
  • 6 ft. diameter lab unit for pre-production testing
  • Deionized water, as required


  • Multiple high pressure nozzles
  • Two fluid nozzle
  • Variable speed rotary disc (maximum speed of 12,000 RPM)


  • Variety of blending capabilities
  • Large volume screening capabilities
  • High and low shear agitation
  • 42,000 gallon holding capacity
  • 33 to 12,000 gallon mixing and feed tanks
  • Ample staging areas for batching
  • Large warehousing capacity
  • Products accepted in all forms including tankers, drums, bulk bags, etc.
  • Hazardous material handling experience
  • In-process and post process rental equipment available
  • Complete wastewater management system for separation of solids and pH adjustment

Product Quality Analysis:

  • Quality and in-process product analysis including sieve, free moisture, viscosity, pH, and bulk density
  • Beckman/Coulter wet and dry laser particle size analysis
  • Mettler Toledo and Sartorious halogen moisture analyzers
  • Accumeritics helium pycnometer
  • Quantitative analysis available through scanning electron microscopy with EDS capability

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