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Elan Material 91 is our designation for Cabal-12 glass that is designed for battery sealing applications. Elan 91’s superior durability helps resist the chemical attack of battery cells to improve overall battery life and performance. Normally used in standard nickel cell batteries, it has shown promise as a sealing glass for lithium batteries and as well as new developing battery technologies.

Elan 91 Properties
Coefficient of Expansion 0°-300°
(× 10-7 cm/cm/°C)
Strain Point (°C) 585
Annealing Point (°C) 650
Softening Point (°C) 730
Working Point (°C) 900
Density (g/cc) 2.53/ 2.57
Dielectric Constant
(20°C/1 MHz)
Comments Designation for Cabal 12
Commonly used in matched hermetic seals

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