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Elan 46 Series Glass Ceramic Composite Material, Ideal for Hermetic Seal


Glass ceramic composite materials offer manufacturers an opportunity to produce glass-to-metal hermetic seals using traditional sealing methods while possessing the strength and durability of ceramics.

The Elan Technology 46 Series is a break-through development in glass ceramic technology. It is a structurally homogeneous material, which combines the wetting properties of electronic glasses with the strength of ceramics. The 46 replaces alumina ceramic and other glass ceramic composite materials requiring batch furnace processing and reduces furnace time by 80%. While metalizing and brazing are no longer required, 46 glass can withstand metalizing or brazing up to 700°C, if the customer so chooses, without effecting hermeticity. By carefully controlling the crystallization process during sealing, the coefficient of thermal expansion can be varied from 110 to 220 (×10-7 in/in/°C). Our engineers have developed detailed processing specifications for the 46 Series glass ceramic and can work with you to achieve the physical properties required for any application.

The Benefits of Elan 46

Elan 46 reduces production costs by eliminating manufacturing steps and reducing the amount of time for the sealing process. Because the unique properties of this glass ceramic material afford us the ability to vary the coefficient of thermal expansion, it can be used to form hermetic seals with a wide variety of metals. In addition, Elan 46 is easily machined to form complex geometries. Many applications where alumina or other glass ceramic materials are used involve harsh environments. The chemistry of Elan 46 has been developed to improve chemical durability and high temperature electrical properties.

Elan 46 Properties  
Coefficient of Expansion 0°-300°
(× 10-7 cm/cm/°C)
Strain Point (°C) 560
Anealing Point (°C) 580
Softening Point (°C) 940
Working Point (°C) 1000
Density (g/cc) 2.27
Dielectric Constant
(23°C/1 kHz)
Comments Sealable Glass-Ceramic Composite Material

Please contact one of our application engineers today for more information about the Elan 46 Series glass ceramic composite.

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