Resource Exploration

Glass Components Used in the Resource Exploration Industry

The resource exploration industry presents many challenges that glass components and materials are perfectly suited for. This rapidly expanding industry requires enhanced remote sensor capabilities, dependable component accuracy, and materials that can withstand demanding environments.

Elan Technology’s glass materials and components ensure safe and accurate results, whether used during the exploration or extraction stages of the process. Resource engineers across the globe have come to rely on Elan Technology’s glass technology and expertise. Specialty glass components and coatings provide invaluable parts for drill guidance systems, communication devices, wire line tools, pump components, temperature sensors, and pressure monitors.

Glass Components Used in Resource Exploration

Many high tech components used to deliver information across systems, insulate cables and parts, and monitor fluctuating onsite conditions require glass components. These components must be durable so that they can withstand fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions, while still meeting the desired unique properties that are needed.

Resource exploration, recovery, and storage require highly durable components that can effectively operate in a number of challenging settings and harsh environments. That’s why energy and resource companies across the globe turn to Elan Technology engineers to offer materials suited for the job. Our 70 years of experience and high precision manufacturing ensures our clients reach their goals safely and efficiently. Contact us today for more information on how Elan Technology’s advanced ceramic materials can benefit your company.

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