Glass Material 19

Kimble IN-3 Substitute Glass

Elan 19 is the benchmark glass for preforms used in timing devices such as quartz crystal oscillators and resonators. These type of timing components are used in wide variety of advanced devices like computers, cell phones, and technical manufacturing controllers, as well as everyday appliances like microwaves, clocks and refrigerators. There may not be a modern day device that doesn’t need one. Elan’s superior material processing creates a reliably consistent glass that is imperative for use in high volume production that requires tens of billions of parts. That constancy results in low reject rates during production and low failure rates of the devices over their lifetime.

Elan 19 Properties
Coefficient of Expansion 0°-300°
(× 10-7 cm/cm/°C)
Strain Point (°C) 480
Anealing Point (°C) 520
Softening Point (°C) 672
Working Point (°C)
Density (g/cc) 2.12/ 2.22
Dielectric Constant
(20°C/1 MHz)
Comments Kimble IN-3 Substitute
Hard Glass

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