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With 65 years of experience as an technical ceramics components manufacturer and billions of ceramic elements produced, Elan Technology engineers have overcome a variety of technical challenges to help develop solutions for our customers. We have manufactured parts for space shuttle components, automotive oxygen sensors, high traffic railings, microelectronics packaging and ceramic inserts. Elan customers have come to expect the highest quality of service and competency from Elan Technology.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing process ensures that we have complete control over every step in the production of our technical ceramic components. From incoming raw material analysis to finished product specifications, our quality professionals closely monitor every aspect of the process.

Technical Ceramics Components

Although we offer a wide range of standard ceramic materials, our engineers can work with customers to develop custom compositions for any application. Our pilot scale milling and spray drying equipment allows us to offer cost-effective development of these compositions, with rapid turnaround. This flexibility, along with our high-volume milling and spray drying capabilities in our production units creates a seamless transition from development to production.

With over 12,000 tool and die sets, the Elan manufacturing team has experience producing a wide variety of geometries and sizes. Our vast inventory not only reduces production lead times, but lowers costs for our customers. Additionally, we maintain a complete in-house machining shop with experts to assist customers with manufacturing feasibility and tooling design. This capability allows us to dramatically reduce the time required from project initiation to production.

Our ceramic inserts and components range from less than half a milligram and smaller than 0.020 inches to heavier than 1 pound and larger than 2 inches. As the largest independent manufacturer of its kind, Elan distinguishes itself from others by offering unparalleled quality and service. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities allow us to support rapid prototype development and multi-million unit production volumes.

Please do not hesitate to contact our engineering team for your technical ceramics needs.

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