Magnesium Aluminum Silicate Ceramics

Approximately 25 percent of all known minerals are silicates. Because silicates have such unique properties, they can be used in many different applications, depending on the various characteristics. There are many different industrial uses for silicate ceramics, with clearly defined thermal properties that are especially useful for advanced engineering and technology. Silicates components are commonly used in the electronics industry in insulators for fuses, circuit breakers, and more. They are also frequently used for glass sealing, brazing, alloying, welding, and soldering.

Elan Technology offers steatite and cordierite ceramic varieties of silicates for a variety of industrial applications. Learn more about each variety below, or contact us for assistance with your specific application.

Our Silicate Ceramic Materials


Density: 2.75

Flexural Strength MPa (psi × 103): 178 (26)

Young’s Modulus GPa: 111

Common Uses:
Insulators/Enclosures for Electrical Components


White Steatite

Density: 2.56

Flexural Strength MPa (psi × 103): 139 (29)

Young’s Modulus GPa: 97

Common Uses:
Insulators/Enclosures for Electrical Components


Low Loss Steatite

Density: 2.91

Flexural Strength MPa (psi × 103): 152 (22)

Young’s Modulus GPa: 113

Common Uses:
Insulators/Enclosures for Electrical Components



Density: 2.26-2.30

Flexural Strength MPa (psi × 103): 92 (13)

Young’s Modulus GPa: 220

Common Uses:
Appliances, Heating Element Supports, Refractory Supports (Ovens/Kilns) & Thermocouples


Silicate Properties

  • Good electrical insulation
  • Low thermal conductivity
  • Very good thermal shock resistance
  • Excellent high temperature capabilities
  • Low and stable thermal expansion
  • Resistant to wear and abrasion
  • Easily precision molded into a variety of shapes for complex applications

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