Commonly Served Manufacturing Industries

Engineering for the Ceramic Industry

Elan Technology supplies engineered ceramics to a variety of industries for a wide range of applications. Below are some of the industrial sectors utilizing ceramic materials and components from Elan Technology, who is globally recognized as a leader in the ceramic industry.


For many years, we have supported the world’s largest aerospace manufacturers in the development of advanced electronics. Elan components have become the standard in guidance systems, engine ignitions, and avionic controls.

Ceramic Industries for Aerospace Applications


Automotive manufacturing requires high quality components, delivered on time, every time. Our quality system and lean manufacturing processes allow us to exceed customer expectations in every area. Elan components are essential in oxygen sensors, air bag deployment, pressure sensors, lighting, and tire sensor.

Automotive Engineered Ceramics


Elan maintains a high standard of quality. Many of our components are used for blood pressure sensors, balloon inflation, and pacemakers.

Ceramic Industry Medical Applications

Resource Exploration, Recovery & Storage

Elan components play critical roles in down hole high pressure sensors, wear resistance pumps, fire suppression systems, sensitive temperature applications, highly corrosive chemical applications, and high voltage battery storage.

Engineered Ceramics for Resource Exploration, Recovery & Storage


From the smallest cell phones to the largest broadcasting towers, Elan components have been proven to be effective and reliable. Many of our components go into timing devices, microwave packages, diode packages.

Ceramic Industry for Telecommunication

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