Medical Industry

Technical Glass Products & Materials for Medical Applications

Elan Technology’s glass technology and glass products are well suited to the medical industry, because of the important requirements for sterile materials that can convey or absorb infrared, ultraviolet, and visible light. Medical applications for Elan Technology’s technical glass components and glass materials include cochlear implants, heart pumps, pace makers, defibrillators, imaging systems, analytical instrumentation and diagnostic systems, fluorescence technology, advanced laser and laser surgery systems, dental implants, artificial joints, prosthetic eyes, biotechnology, and phototechnology. Almost every aspect of the medical field incorporates technical glass materials and glass components that must be reliable and adhere to stringent standards. The materials need to not only be expertly crafted, but they must stand up to vigorous standards and precision calibration. Elan Technology is proud to offer high quality glass products to medical field professionals, helping to save lives and advance medical science one component at a time. Additionally, our rigorous adherence to quality standards makes especially suited to serve the medical industry.

Technical Glass Products & Materials for Medical Applications

Durable, sterile, and precisely engineered materials like Elan Technology’s glass ceramic composite materials are found throughout the medical industry. Proprietary materials like Elan 46 Glass Ceramic composite materials allow our customers to produce reliable hermetic seals. Elan 46 reduces production costs by eliminating manufacturing steps and reducing the amount of time needed for the sealing process. The ability to create complex geometric forms while maintaining durability and strength makes our glass ceramic material an integral part of the medical industry. Read the full details and specifications to learn more about our unique Elan 46 ceramic glass composite.

Elan Technology is committed to advancements in the medical sciences industry, and assists by incorporating state-of-the-art glass and ceramic materials. With over 70 years of experience in glass manufacturing and ceramic technology industries, Elan is a leader in glass products and glass coatings. Contact Elan Technology today to discuss how our experience and expertise can benefit your company.

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