Resource Exploration & Recovery

Safe & Efficient Resource Recovery Applications

Ceramic technology plays a large part in safely exploring, extracting, and storing natural resources across the globe. Fostering efficient system development through the use of ceramic components leads to better outcomes for the environment. Elan’s ceramic components and ceramic materials are found in various applications from pressure sensors to complex fire suppression systems.

When resource companies drill to considerable depths, it’s important for machine components to perform under high pressure and significant temperatures without rupturing. Elan Technology ceramic materials such as our 85% Alumina Ceramic are integral components in large drilling rigs where heat and corrosion resistance is necessary for the safety and longevity. Safety valve components, pistons, pressure valves, bushings, seals, and drill bits incorporate advanced ceramic materials for their abrasion resistance and long lifespan.

Elan’s ceramic materials are durable, lightweight, and offer excellent insulating properties; making them a fine choice for energy storage and for high voltage battery storage. Our customers call on us to provide them with the highest quality ceramic components for engines, furnaces, photovoltaic (solar) cells, boilers, and many other energy intensive applications.

Ceramic Components in the Resource Exploration, Recovery and Storage Industry

Exploring, recovering, and storing resources demand highly durable components that can effectively operate in a number of corrosive and high temperature settings. That’s why energy and resource companies across the globe turn to Elan Technology for their glass and ceramic components. Our 70 years of experience and high precision manufacturing ensures our clients complete their goals safely and efficiently. Contact us today for more information on how Elan Technology’s advanced ceramic materials can benefit your company.

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