Military Industry Applications

Materials Supplied by the Glass Industry for Military Use

When considering the glass industry, you may not immediately think of the important military applications. However, glass materials are used in a variety of ways within the military industry, including for vehicles, rotorcrafts, aircrafts, missiles, night vision optics, guidance systems, and more.

Elan is proud to supply all branches of our nation’s military with high quality glass materials, components, and preforms. Below are just a few of the applications that our glass materials are used for.


  • Abrams Tanks
  • Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicles
  • Crusader Artillery Systems
  • High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems


  • Ospreys
  • Cobras
  • Apaches
  • Other Helicopters


  • F-18
  • F-22
  • C-17
  • Joint Strike Fighter

Glass Industry Applications for Military Aircrafts


  • GLCM
  • ALCM

Night Vision Optics

Guidance Systems

Military applications for advanced glass materials require cost effective solutions that are durable, innovative, and precisely engineered. Every branch of the military relies on Elan Technology for our experienced engineering, and wide variety of materials offerings. Our 70 years of experience in the glass industry offer materials that meet the defense industry’s rigorous standards. Whether it is resilient glass for defense vehicles on the front lines, or meticulously designed glass components for advanced aircraft components, Elan’s history of experience and innovation has proven useful in a variety of applications.

Our advanced glass materials are precision engineered for high performance in demanding conditions. Proprietary materials and technology make us one of the top glass manufacturers in the United States. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise can be incorporated to help you meet your challenges head on.

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