Advanced Glass Science Course

Advanced 3-Day Course on Ceramic and Glass Manufacturing with Elan Technology

This short course is a follow-up on to the basic glass-to-metal sealing short course presented at Elan Technology. It is intended for practicing engineers and advanced technicians. This course goes into detail on the chemistry, crystallography, mechanical properties, and finite element analysis of glass to metal seals.

Participants will use finite element analysis to model actual glass-to-metal seals. Participants will then fabricate the seals modeled and compare actual results to those predicted by the model.

Participants are required to bring a laptop computer equipped with Windows 7 or 8 and Microsoft Excel®, or equivalent spreadsheet program. (A Windows machine is preferred as difficulty has resulted in running the FEA program on Apple machines running a Windows simulator.)

Participants are encouraged to bring specific seal designs, and problems of interest for discussion and possible analysis.

To register, please fill out the registration form on this page.

Course Schedule and Lecture Topics:

Day 1


  • Introduction
  • Crystals
    • Metals
      • Mechanical Properties
      • Stress / Strain Curve
        • Elastic Modulus
        • Yield Point
        • Strain Hardening
        • Plastic Flow
  • The Glassy State
    • Formation
      • Properties of amorphous materials
    • Glass-to-Metal seals
  • Introduction to FEA


  • Experiment 1 — Softening / Flow of Glass
  • Review of Statics
  • Mount FEA software on computers
  • Simple Stress Model
    • External Stresses
    • Example Constraints
    • Strain
    • Analysis of Model

Day 2


  • FEA Model of Internal Stress
  • FEA Modeling of Thermal Properties
    • Steady State
    • Transient State
  • Combining Thermal and Mechanical FEA models


  • Experiment 2 — G/M seal stresses
  • Modeling Software
    • Google Sketch
    • OpenSCad
    • Importing model into FEA software

Day 3


  • Complete unfinished business / discussion
  • Course evaluation
  • Presentation of Certificates

  • Course Registration

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