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Elan Technology, Inc. has over 65 years of experience in machining technology. We maintain a complete machine shop to fabricate the tooling used for pressing our ceramic and glass formulations. Our inventory of tool and die sets numbers over 12,000 with several hundred added each year. Our tooling department specializes in the precise machining of tight tolerance tools to meet customer specifications.

Elan Technology Machining Services

In addition to producing our own tooling, Elan Technology, Inc provides expert machining services to other industries. We can machine a variety of materials including all tool steels, aluminum, ceramics, carbide, and plastics. Our expert engineers will work with you to determine how best to apply our advanced machining technology to your project. We can provide machining services for prototypes as well as high volume production.

For ceramics, we offer a range of services, which include post-fire grinding as well as green machining. Green machining ceramic technology is very common and much more cost effective than post-fire grinding. Green machining of ceramics is accomplished using equipment similar to that used for standard machining of tool steels and plastics. All Elan Technology ceramic materials can be green machined to achieve special geometries or dimensions not possible with traditional cold pressing techniques.

All of our machined components are inspected using state of the art technology to ensure that all dimensions are within the allowed tolerances.

Conventional Machining

  • Micro grinding:
    1. Cylindrical
    2. Inner Diameter
  • Sunnen lapping machine
  • Multiple manual milling machines
  • Lathes
    1. 12″ and 10″ diameter chucks
    2. Multiple medium duty lathes
    3. Levin micro lathe

CNC Machining

  • Bridgeport CNC milling machine
  • CNC, multi-spindle, multi-axis vertical machining center
  • Electrode EDM

Other Machining Support

  • Fully automated Sony Vision Inspection System
  • Multiple drawing formats supported including AutoCAD, Solid Works

For more information, contact one of our Application Engineers today.

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