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Elan Technology, Inc. is one of the largest independent U.S. glass manufacturers, producing preforms for glass-to-metal hermetic seals and spacers using electronic glass.

Our electronic glass products can be found in machinery, space exploration equipment, cell phones, refrigerators, automobiles, flashlights, airplanes, pacemakers, submarines, missiles, batteries, and numerous other applications. Our precision glass preforms are manufactured to exacting tolerances and offer a more robust seal when compared to glass tubing.

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The glass manufacturing process for our preforms begins with proprietary electronic glass formulations, which are milled, spray dried, pressed, and sintered. Throughout the entire process, critical parameters and properties are monitored to ensure the glass material properties are within our specification. All of our products are designed based on the specific requirements of each customer. However, the table below provides some rough guidelines for tolerances and sizes of preforms.

Minimum tolerances of diameters (outside and inside)

<.100″ +/- .001″
.100″ – .200″ +/- .002″
.200″ – .350″ +/- .0025″
.350″ – .500″ +/- .003″
.500″ – 1.000″ +/- .004″
1.00″ and up +/- .005″

Length tolerance is a minimum +/- .002″

Weight tolerances

0 mg – 7 mg mean +/- 5%
7 mg – 500 mg mean +/- 2.5%
500 mg and up mean +/- 2%

(Tolerances maybe adjusted up or down depending on individual circumstances)

Technical Glass Products

In addition to the production of glass preforms, we provide our customers with technical support for seal design, material selection, and root cause determination for manufacturing problems that they may encounter. Our staff includes numerous engineers with expertise in ceramic materials and mechanical, industrial, and chemical engineering. Please visit our Glass Preforms & Components page for more information.

Origin Glass is the Elan Technology line of colored glasses used by artists around the world in their glass sculptures and creations. Thirty-six colors are available, which includes two glow in the dark materials. Origin Glass has become a favorite among hard glass flame workers.

We produce our glass bars by dry pressing a glass powder into a bar shape and then melting it into a solid form. Since Elan Technology makes preforms for electronics used in the automotive industry, we are registered to a very strict quality management system: ISO 9001:2015. The same quality standard used for our technical glass products is used for Origin Glass.

In addition to glass preforms, we also offer spray dried (granulated) ready to press powders, as well as milled powders and cullet, or frit. All of these materials can be classified into a variety of particle size distributions based on the application. Please visit our glass materials page for more information.

Technical Glass Industries

As a technical glass company, we supply components for a wide variety of applications. Below are some of the industries where our materials are commonly used:

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ISO 9001:20018 Certification

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