Ceramic Manufacturing in the Medical Industry

Advanced Ceramic Technology Manufacturer Elan Technology Saving Lives

Ceramic materials are uniquely suited to medical applications due their sterile nature and resistance to wear over time. Alumina and Zirconia are commonly used in medical components and sensors. Elan Technology is a ceramic manufacturer that produces materials that have found widespread use in:

  • Medical implants
  • Medical sensors
  • Artificial hip and knee joints
  • Pacemakers and heart pumps
  • Dental implants
  • Drug delivery devices
  • Hearing implants

Advances in ceramic technology affect practically every field of medical science and Elan Technology is proud to have been part of the materials revolution for over 70 years.

Due to ceramic’s natural chemical inertness and resistance to acidic solutions, advanced ceramic components are incorporated to various drug delivery devices and implants. Ceramic-to-metal seals are incorporated into medical instruments and devices including artificial joint assemblies and pacemakers. The ability to create incredibly small yet complex geometric forms, while maintaining high heat and chemical resistance, makes ceramic technology an integral part of the medical industry.

Ceramic Manufacturer Elan Technology for the Automotive Industry

Elan Technology is committed to advancements in the medical field through incorporating glass and ceramic technology. Our spray dryer manufacturing systems allows us to form complex materials and forms that are durable and uniquely suited to a variety of medical applications. With over 70 years of experience in glass and ceramic technology industries, Elan is a ceramic manufacturer leader in ceramic components. Contact us today to discuss how our experience and expertise can benefit your company.

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