Glass Recommendations for SAE 1010 Cold Rolled Steel

Glass for Compression Hermetic Seals with SAE 1010

Designation: AISI C1018
Composition: Carbon 0.1%  Phosphorous 0.04%
Manganese 0.4%   Silica 0.05%, Balance Iron
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion: 130 x 10-7 / °C
Seal Type Recommended Elan Glass Equivalent Glasses
  Corning GE Kimble
Matched 46      
Compression 11 or 05

13 or 09











Material Summary:

S.A.E.1010 Cold Rolled Steel (C.R.S.) has been one of the standard housing materials when making compression seals since the 1960s. The regular combination has always been No. 52 alloy pins with Elan 13 glass and 1010 C.R.S. housing. Alternatively, when extremely mechanically strong or higher temperature resistance seals are needed, 1010 CRS has been used as the pin material when mated with Elan 46 glass/ceramic material.

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