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Hermetic Seals, Glass Borosilicate Materials & Other Glass Applications for Lightbulbs

Elan Technology is a leader in providing glass materials and glass technologies for the lighting industry. In an industry that is highly competitive, Elan manages to deliver high quality glass components to major lighting manufacturers. Elan’s glass materials are used in a number of lighting applications used in incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen bulbs, such as glass refractors, glass-to-metal hermetic seals, filaments, and more.

In hermetic seals and light bulb filaments, specialty glass borosilicate materials are needed. Borosilicate glass is unique, because it typically offers a low coefficient of thermal expansion, resistance to thermal shock, and thus a lower thermal stress likelihood. Elan 15 and Elan 28 are both excellent glass borosilicate materials that Elan Technology offers.

Hermetic Seals, Borosilicate Glass & Other Glass Applications for Lightbulbs

Depending on the material being used to hold the lighting filament, the type of glass required in a specific application is dependent on a variety of design criteria. Pin material, application, structure, and processing environment all factor into the material selection. Elan’s 70 years of experience enable us to expertly recommend the exact glass materials that are best suited for your company’s needs. To determine the best glass material suited for your specific needs, visit our glass recommendations section, or contact us. Our team of engineers is happy to assist with material selection, design, and manufacturing suggestions. Elan Technology is able to meet the specialty glass needs of all lighting manufacturers, delivering a superior product paired with excellent customer service.

In addition, our expertise in glass-to-metal sealing is highly regarded within the lighting industry, as many components and metals require advanced knowledge of thermal coefficients and coupling standards necessary to make advanced lighting devices work properly. Glass-to-metal hermetic sealing technology is used in the construction of vacuum tubes, electric discharge tubes, and several kinds of lightbulbs. Seals are achieved by running an isolated electrical current through a metal wire from outside the metal package to the inside. In a temperature-controlled oven, the assembly is heated to the appropriate temperature for the particular glass to melt and fill the space between the pin and the metal package. Elan Technology specializes in several types of hermetic seals, including matched and compression seals. Our glass-to-metal seal design guide outlines all of the available options and materials that Elan Technology offers.

Elan Technology has produced advanced glass materials for over 70 years. Our glass materials are used in a large number of industry applications including LED lighting, lenses, refractors, and specialty applications. Elan ceramic and glass materials are precision engineered for high performance within a number of industries including the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, and medical industries. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise as a glass manufacturer can be incorporated into your company’s goals.

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