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Glass Manufacturer for Automotive Applications

Elan Technology is a glass manufacturer that supplies the automotive industry with materials that can be used in a variety of applications. Many times, the glass materials used in automotive applications must be light, reliable, and robust. Elan glass powders and performs are found in a wide variety of components and sensors within the automotive industry.

The engineering team at Elan Technology has the advanced knowledge of thermal expansion, sealing technology, and other technical requirements to determine and manufacture the best material depending on the intended use. Elan glass materials are often used to create glass-to-metal hermetic seals for industrial applications. In order to achieve the best results, material composition, environmental factors, and seal design must all be considered.

Glass Manufacturer for Automotive Applications

Elan’s glass materials are used in automotive controls, such as steering controls, and in automotive components, including catalytic converters, lighting components, oxygen sensors, parking assistance systems, and within advanced measurement components, such as tire pressure monitoring systems. Similar glass powders and preforms are also used in safety components, such as crash sensors, airbag initiators, rollover sensors, and seatbelt pre-tensioners. All of these components play an integral role in the automotive industry, and Elan is proud to be a world-renowned glass manufacturer for a variety of applications within the glass industry.

Our proprietary glass and ceramic materials have been developed over the years for demanding applications. Our engineers can assist with material selection, component design, and more to ensure a great final result. Contact us today to discuss how our expertise and advanced glass materials can be incorporated into your project today.

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