Glass Science & Technology Course

Spring 2024 – In Person

April 16-19, 2024

Instructed by: Dr. Eric C. Skaar, Ph.D. and P.E.

Twice a year Elan Technology, Inc. offers a Glass Science & Technology Course. To date, this course has graduated over 1,000 engineers worldwide.

This course is designed for persons with either a technical or a non-technical background that are working in the field of glass to metal seals.

The course covers the manufacturing, properties, and use of sealing glasses through lectures, demonstrations, and exercises. The course also includes a tour of the extensive manufacturing facilities at Elan Technology, where you will observe the processing of raw material to finished preforms.

A valuable part of this course is the informal exchange of information that is encouraged and promoted among the class participants.

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Day 1

  • Meet and greet in the evening

Day 2

  • Introduction to Materials, and the Glassy State
  • Lecture 1 — Introduction to Materials
  • Lecture 2 — The Glassy State


  • Lecture 3 — Glass Melting and Homogenization
  • Lecture 4 — Viscosity
  • Lecture 5 — Thermal Properties

Glass to Metal Seals

  • Lecture 6 — Glass to Metal Seals
  • Lecture 7 — Glass to Metal Seals — Design Parameters
  • Lecture 8 — Recommended Glass — Metal Combinations


  • Lecture 9 — Stress in Glass to Metal Seals
  • Lecture 10 — Stress in Glass

Day 3

Considerations in Manufacturing

  • Lecture 11 — More Glass to Metal Seals
  • Lecture 12 — Furnace Conditions
  • Lecture 13 — Relevance of Water to Sealing Glass Properties

Glass Properties

  • Lecture 14 — Some Other Important Glass Properties

Glass Ceramics and Other Specialty Glasses

  • Lecture 15 — Sealing with a Glass Ceramic
  • Lecture 16 — Special Sealing Glasses

Glass Processing Techniques

  • Lecture 17 — Spray Drying
  • Elan Plant Tour
  • Glass Processing Techniques
  • Glass Melting
  • Interactive open session for design, production, and troubleshooting

Day 4

Troubleshooting — By Appointment

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