Specialty Glasses

Specialty glasses can be used in a variety of industries and applications, but they are commonly used in the electronics industry. Specialty glasses are especially useful in sealing applications, including battery sealing applications. Lithium battery sealing glasses, titanium sealing glasses, aluminum sealing glasses, and more are all available through our specialty glass line. Sealing glasses allow for highly insulating electrical seals between different materials, such as metal or ceramics. Typical applications for sealing glasses include glass-to-metal seals, solid oxide fuel cells, flashlights, high-temperature sensor applications, and molten sodium batteries. These sealing glasses can also be useful in the construction of vacuum tubes, electric discharge tubes, incandescent light bulbs, ambient temperature lithium batteries, glass encapsulated semiconductor diodes, reed switches, and more.

Because specialty glasses are often used in sealing applications with specific sealing requirements, consistency of physical properties and purity levels are closely monitored. Elan Technology also offers ready-to-press sealing glass powders. These specialty glass powders are offered in a spray dried form, and can be formed to a specific particle size, depending on the specific application. Contact our engineers for assistance with your specific application requirements to discover the benefits that specialty glasses can offer your manufacturing needs.

Our Specialty Glass Materials

Elan 26

Density: 2.38/2.50

Coefficient of Expansion: 89

Dielectric Constant: 5.5

Compressor Sealing Glass

Common Uses:
Soft glass for compression seals with Dumet


Elan 52

Density: 3.16

Coefficient of Expansion: 82

Lithium Battery Sealing Glass


Elan 56

Density: 2.84

Coefficient of Expansion: 160

ALSG-32 / AL Sealing Glass


Elan 91

Density: 2.53/2.57

Coefficient of Expansion: 62

Designation for Cabal 12

Common Uses:
Battery sealing applications


Elan 92

Density: 2.70

Coefficient of Expansion: 61

Designation for TA-23

Common Uses:
Ambient temperature lithium batteries


Specialty Glass Properties

  • Tightly controlled purity levels
  • Consistent physical properties
  • Ideal for sealing applications
  • Commonly used in battery sealing applications
  • Widely used in electronics components
  • Insulating properties
  • Offered in spray dried form sealing glass powders

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