Advanced Materials in the Telecommunications Industry

Advanced Industrial Ceramics Bring Effective & Reliable Solutions

Advanced industrial ceramics have found a wide array of uses within the telecommunications industry. Elan Technology’s ceramic components, such as ceramic zirconia or alumina ceramic materials, are used as insulators, fiber optic sleeves, high tolerance substances, timing devices, microwave packages, and diodes. Highly versatile zirconia ceramics are especially well suited for telecommunication applications due to their ability to achieve smooth finishes. Zirconia ceramic is also able to remain its durability with higher impact resistance and thermal expansion.

Zirconia ceramic components present a number of advantages for the telecommunications industry. Yttria stabilized zirconia is an excellent high temperature material for applications requiring good fracture toughness. In addition, the yttria stabilized zirconia is chemically inert and offer a high modulus of elasticity.

The dielectric characteristic of Elan materials means our advanced ceramic materials are excellent insulators, allowing for longevity and durability in telecommunications components. Our high capacity ceramic materials can handle intense microwave, radio frequency, and high-energy demands that the quickly expanding telecommunications industry demands.

Advanced Industrial Ceramics Materials in the Telecommunications Industry

Elan Technology has operated an advanced ceramics manufacturing facility for over 70 years, and we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high quality precision ceramic materials to our customers. We work directly with our clients to meet their needs efficiently and quickly. Contact us so that our team of engineers can develop advanced ceramic or glass materials that meet your manufacturing needs.

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