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Toll Processing Services

Thermal Processing & Toll Calcining Services

Our toll processing services deliver custom material solutions for our customers. These processes are available for a variety of products to meet your specific application and needs. Some common thermal processing services involve removing moisture, decomposition, or otherwise altering the state of a material.


Our toll processing solutions effectively achieve material processing goals with clear advantages for customers that are looking to outsource their thermal processing operations. We have the expertise, physical space, and capacity in the form of a full-service production plant to meet any requirements, specifications, or time delivery needs.

Thermal Processing

We have the expertise to meet your materials processing needs with our premium technology that utilizes calcining equipment with the right temperatures and speed controls.

Our indirect gas fired rotary calciner delivers processing solutions for complex applications. Equipped with three separate heat zones with maximum temperatures up to 1832°F (1000°C). This calcining approach ensures superior temperature control and optimal processing conditions for raw materials and other substances.

At Elan Technology, we offer cost-effective services that deliver custom solutions. We’re a one-stop shop for both toll calcining and toll spray driving services. Contact us today to learn more.

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