Elan Technology: Glass & Ceramic Manufacturer

70 Years of Advanced Manufacturing

Elan Technology’s facility was constructed in 1997 and has a 90,000 sq.ft. footprint on 22 acres. Based in Midway, GA, our manufacturing facility was constructed specifically to create the most efficient arrangement for our manufacturing processes. Beginning in 1998, our quality system was registered to ISO-9000/QS-9000 and then ISO/TS-16949 in 2005.

Glass Manufacturer

As one of the largest US glass manufacturers, Elan Technology produces glass preforms from hundreds of proprietary electronic glass compositions to be used in a variety of applications and commonly matched for glass-to-metal sealing. Additionally, our glass materials are offered as milled and spray dried powder. Our glass preforms are used in the medical, defense, aerospace, lighting, automotive and micro-electronics industries. We provide customers with engineering support for material selection and preform design. We also have the capability to develop custom glass materials for a specific customer application.

Advanced Technical Ceramics Company

Technical advanced ceramics are finding more uses in demanding applications. As a ceramic company with over 70 years of experience, Elan Technology offers a variety of ceramic materials such as alumina ceramic, steatite, zirconia, cordierite and mullite. Our materials are used for wear resistant parts, insulators and ceramic inserts for industrial applications. Whether for a demanding aerospace application, simple heat resistant spacer, or a hermetic seal, we offer a material for any application.

Ceramic Glass Composites

Our special glass-ceramic composite material has been adopted by many of our customers as a replacement for traditional ceramics in certain applications. Eliminating the need for brazing, the Elan 46 ceramic-glass material provides proven performance, while lowering manufacturing costs. With a coefficient of thermal expansion from 110 to 220 (×10-7 in/in/°C), 46 glass can withstand metallizing or brazing up to 700°C (even though brazing is not required).

Art Glass

Origin Glass, a division of Elan Technology, Inc., produces high quality borosilicate glass for artistic applications. Offering a wide range of brilliant colors used by hobbyist and professional artists, our Borostix can be found in studios throughout the world. All of our colors are available from our various distributors located throughout North America and around the globe.

Spray Drying Technology

We provide contract spray dryer services to companies in a variety of industries such as catalysts, pigments, detergents and ceramics. We process millions of pounds of material annually. Experienced engineers work with each customer to optimize the spray drying process in order to achieve the highest product quality. We can support small developmental projects as well as large volume production. We offer a wide range of storage, mixing, packaging and atomization options, giving us the flexibility to customize our processes to meet any customer requirement.


We maintain a complete machine shop to support tool and die fabrication for all of our presses. In addition, our experts in machining technology assist our customers by providing a variety of services. We can machine most materials, including all tool steels, aluminum, ceramics, carbide, and plastics.

Over 70 Years Of True Craftsmanship

Largest Independent US Company In Our Field

We Create and Customize For All Applications

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